Driving a Dodge Challenger: What Not to Do

Here at Thompsons Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram we know how exciting it can be to drive a Dodge Challenger so long as you do it the right way. In this video, you'll see what happens when one guy drives his Challenger the wrong way. Check it out.

These guys weren't happy with this kind of Dodge behavior, and we think they're right. This kind of vehicle deserves to be treated like the high-powered behemoth that it is. It deserves top speeds and open roads. The available 707-horsepower engine shouldn't be held back by slow driving. If you have a Challenger, drive it like a Challenger.

Can you treat the Dodge Challenger the way it deserves to be treated? Come on over to our Placerville, CA dealership to find out. We would be happy to arrange a test drive for you.

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